Filthy Black Italic

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Hi all - Little update on what i've been working on...

Filthy Black Italic is a display typeface intended to be viewed at large sizes. Because of it’s heavy weight and distinctive small serifs the typeface is best used on headings and titles. Inspired by latex textures, many characters use rounded shapes to show off the fluid forms of the letters. Please do let me know your thoughts. Please see our site for more examples of work: . Thanks.

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Take away the emboss effect.

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Was designed without and added after - will post update without soon. But this is a display face and this was it's original intention for use.

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It's really nice to see this finished — I often used to walk along Kensington Gardens wondering about progress :) Any plans to release, or is it just for in-house use at your studio?

I can see a few problems with the rhythm, but it's hard to tell exactly without a printout. It looks like the counter areas vary a lot in different letters, so the whitespace is uneven.

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Not only that - thin stems differ in thickness.
And why serifs here are considered distinctive?

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I think it's the size of the serifs that's unusual, they're very petite.

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For display purposes I tried to use serifs much smaller than you would expect to use with a typeface like this. I just nabbed the copy text we used for the typeface, so 'distinctive' is probably the wrong word! :)

I don't consider it completely finished, but its going to be a continual work in progress with a few other typefaces i'm working on - were just using it for posters / promotional work in-house at the moment - would love to release once I have some time to work on the problems...

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Is this based on a slanted Times-Bold


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for evaluating purposes, any effect like embossing is annoying.
Ok if you want compact serifs, but shouldn't they be higher/bolder?
I feel especially uncomfortable with /a/A/K/S/
figures weight seems inconsistent;
why math operators are upright?

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Love it as a screen font, but I ask myself how is this going to print?
Consistency will be hard to keep for each user's experience of this font.
Your zoomed in view of the ã and é has a greater and shorter gradient run to white in the é than the ã.
The é will print with the intended effect because of the stronger white, the ã won't.
This might make some letters look patchy or not as strong with the faded effect.
Some letters might print the gradient blend. Some will look posterized or sudden in the change from black to white.

It's too hard an effect to maintain in print. I'd stay a million miles away from trying something like that, but hey, on screen it looks fine.

Good Luck

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OK, what about a combination of slanted and Italic TNR? :-)


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