a sans to pair with Slimbach

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Client likes http://www.linotype.com/799/ITCSlimbach-family.html for body text. I, too, am finding it quite lovely.

The client has seen it paired with Univers for titles, headings, and captions, and they like it; client already uses Franklin Gothic for a lot of their visual identity, which I think pairs with Slimbach about as well as Univers. Which is to say, OK but not great.

So, what sans would YOU pair with body-text Slimbach for titles, headings, and captions? And, what would you use for pull-quotes?

It would be for publications for a department at a major university. So, inviting and serious, but if we can avoid being stodgy that would please the client (and me).

What think you?

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I would look for a sans with a bit of contrast. Maybe Amplitude could work.

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I think Univers goes with Slimbach quite nicely but still plenty of scope to go a different way.

Given the requirements, see how either of these grab you:
Alinea Incise

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I second Antenna. Also, since Slimbach has a large x-height, Vectora could fit well, too.

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