GPOS feature??

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Please help: I can't generate a OT-font from FontLab, cause this alert: GPOS feature 'kern' causes overflow of offset to a subtable (0x336a0).
What does that means, and how can I 'clean up'?

In advance, thanks!
Best, Morten

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Each subtable of a GPOS table has a fixed size, so if your total kern feature exceeds this then it needs to be broken into multiple, smaller subtables. This used to be a manual process if one is using FontLab or another AFDKO based tool, involving entering subtable break codes into your kern feature syntax, and trying to figure out the best place to put these. Karsten Luecke has written a clever script, 'KLTF Make Kern Feature', that automatically calculates the optimum number of subtables for your kern data and how to divide them. I recommend reading the script manual to confirm that this is what you need to resolve your issue. There is a $59 license fee for the script, but I reckon this is well worth it in terms of time saved.

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Thanks John, maybe I can solve the problem ;-)

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