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This is a logo for a small design company; they are named "design 4" as in design for print, web etc... please let me know what you think.
Design 4 Logo

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No comments??
Please tear it apart!

I wasnt too sure on the D4 I think it still reads like D4??

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Boring! Its been done before. The mark is silly and looks like a mistake. I only say that because its stagnate. If you are going to animate it maybe it can work. But it is silly. Good design is about communicating clearly. How is that clear. I don't think you need the line Web Print Interactive Marketing. Let prospective clients ask you what you do, create a conversation. I'm not a fan of letterspacing and the condensed type looks dated.

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You might offer the group several ideas, and branch out a bit more in your typography. Put more ideas on the table and you may find people respond to the better by contrast.

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Thank you,

I am new to this site and graphic design in general, and i need all the help i can get. as soon as i come up with a few options i will post them again.

I agree, after looking at it from that perspective i can see that it has been overdone.

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Work on concepts before styles. This mark is all styles. And while that's not necessarily bad, the particular styles you used are all rather cliche. With a good concept, you find you have less need for decorative styles.

Remember, less is more!

Do you have any say in the name of the company? The name is very generic and there's really nothing unique about it. It's like naming a hardware store 'Hardware and Stuff'. Maybe explore some more abstract names that would lend themselves to a unique mark. Where are you located? Who are the people that work there? Who are you trying to target? Etc.

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This project is currently on hold, thank you for your input, and i will post again at a later date.

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