InDesign: book layout page numbering issue

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I have an .indb file connecting several layout documents into one “book”. The forelast of these doc.s ranges up to page 430 in the actual layout and in the pages palette. But in the .indb list this document conts up to page 440. Hence the numbering of the subsequent doc. commences wrongly with p. 441.

Has anyone a clue to this?

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You should update the numbering in the Book palette menu.

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– Thanks!!

(I was thinking that gets updated automatically … )

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You’re welcome. Unfortunately it doesn’t get updated automatically, and maybe there is a reason for that other than poor implementation. Anyway at least it warns you when you’re exporting it.

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maybe there is a reason for that other than poor implementation

Surely. Book feature can be used to achieve a number of multiple document changes.

For example: you can use it to harmonize styles between several docs, you can build a book just to print, package or preflight dozens of separate files at once, you can synchronize colours, conditional texts and variables or you can just export a group of individual files to a single PDF. In all these situations, page number update may be undesired.

So, the way Book works is actually adequate to the many goals it can afford.

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