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I need to add the word "architetture" under the existing logo. I have very limited experience in letterspacing and kerning and I would appreciate any suggestions from "experienced eyes". (I cannot change typeface).

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The letters in "ARCHITETTURE" are so far apart that spacing tweaks are nearly irrelevant. But I think there's a bigger problem: the word is not sitting comfortably under "pbastudio". I might align the bottom with the bottom of the "p", but a bigger issue is the lateral placement, like how the terminal "E" doesn't know where it's supposed to be compared to the "o".


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I aligned the word with the bottom of the "p". I think I like the "E" centered with the "O".
I cannot change typeface but I can improve the kerning of pbastudio, what would you change?
Thanks for the suggestions,

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I'm not sure which is better. You should ask a logo designer. :-)

And I didn't realize the spacing of "pbastudio" was also up for tweaking:
I would either tighten the "stu" or loosen the "udio" - probably the former.


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Hrandt is right about loosening the "udio". I also think the "b-a" can be tightened just a hair. I prefer the positioning of "ARCHITETTURE" aligned with the bottom of the "p", but the "E" is hanging out just a little too far. I'd bring it in so that the "E" lines up to the outside of the "O" optically, rather than mathmatically.


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I tighten "stu", what do you think?

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PBA logo 4.pdf (192.8 k)

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In this version I followed Scott suggestions. Is the "E" still hanging out too far?

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PBA logo 5.pdf
"PBA 5"

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I had some problems uploading the previous logo hopefully this time it will work

application/pdfPBA 5
PBA logo 5.pdf (192.7 k)

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Your latest version is the best one.

Two more things. Is it possible to align the bottom of ARCHITTECTURE with the bottom of the descender of the P and move just a little bit this word to the left. The E seems not optically align with the O.

This will help the entire logo.


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Thanks to all for the help you've given me today. I will make the final changes with my glassses on!

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