Conversion - QuarkXpress to InDesign

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How is the following interpreted in InDesign?

Nouvelle Helvetica 45
majuscules 8 points
interligne 10 points
espacement des lettres +3/100

When you answer, please also provide the math used to convert tracking between QuarkXpress and InDesign. Thanks much in advance!

(ps. I did find that 200 of QXP is 1000 of InD, hence 1 of QXP is 5 of InD. But I don't know how to read "+3/100".)

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Would 3/100 = 30/1000? Indesign measures this in thousandths of an em. 3 percent equals 30 per mille. MAybe this is the conversion you need?

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I am embarrassed; I think I am losing it and need a vacation.

Thanks, Joshua.

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