Help the mentally challenged

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i'm getting up the nerve tp post a something for critique,
but can't figure the best way to post it. i've been
working in illustrator, and i don't have flash. so what's
the best thing to do? i tried saving it as .eps and opening
it in photoshop to convert it to something else, but it got
very distorted in the process.

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with both programs open, copy it to the clipboard, create a new document in P'shop and paste.

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Two ideas: 1) if you haven't already, convert fonts to outlines and save the file as another name; 2) Photoshop may open the native Illustrator file better than it does an eps, even though it's the same thing. Hope this helps.

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the viewing will hardly be worth the trouble, but thanks for the help.

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Isaac: if you email it to me, I can put it Flash for you. Or just swing it by school sometime.

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10-4. thanks.

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You could always select "Save for Web" in the file menu and output it as a GIF or JPG. IF the image is large enough, it can still be effective in the critique. Or I'm sure someone would be willing to dump it out in Flash for you if you preferred that route...

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