Companions for Alisal

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Hi, all.

What would you suggest as a titling face and a companion sans serif face to work together with Alisal as the main text face? The book is a collection of science fiction stories about animals.

Leo Korogodski
Silverberry Press

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For titles, Morphica.
For sans, National.

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Thanks, Nick!

These are fine fonts, which I'll keep in mind for some other project. But I don't think they would fit this one.

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Yes, I've been considering Carter Sans. The same author, and it's strict but not without some play about the edges (quite literally; look at the capital "L," for example), though not too much. Plus it has the same quadratic dots as Alisal.

But I wanna see more opinions first. Plus, what would the titling font be?

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How about Caterina and Jaguar?

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