Fonts for dissertation

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I will be writing about letterpress, what fonts would you suggest. I want a font for the main body and one for the headings. Preferably something affordable for a student. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to test this one.

If the whole font family is required, I have special Student rates.

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I would be tempted to use Metallophile in some display capacity, with the utmost discretion, of course!

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Andreas —

In your specimen on the MyFonts page, truly is misspelled.


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… truly is misspelled

oh, thanks for the hint. – which page exactly??

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Probably not what you're looking for, but my favorite text face in terms of capturing a letterpress appearance is Hightower, the 1994 Jenson update by Tobias Frere-Jones:

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Ascenderfonts sell some pre-digital typefaces for 20USD per weight. Those pre-digital ones there have however only around 250 glyphs, other typeface-vendors give you the full character-set and ask for the full money.

@Andreas: the one you linked yourself.

Sorry to be offtopic here, but I have to say I came to realize that Andron is one of a kind. One would think that the market for renaissance and baroque typefaces (equals (?) old style) is saturated. However, besides the wide character set I find Andron unique in its design, as (1) it has both character to the individual glyph, as well a harmonic appearance on a page and it is not too reductionistic it its drawing. Some recent text serif typefaces, although well balanced and harmonic, are somehow generic, as they are too “digitally conceived” in a way. Plus (2), I love how the “f” is both beautiful and does not create collision with non-english characters.

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It would have to be something by Dan Carr.


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Is a font that costs over $600 "affordable for a student" ?

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No. Sorry, I lost track of the... brief.


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Are you going to print this letterpress? This makes a big difference. If you are going to print it letter press, then one of the classic metal faces that look anemic in offset printing will probably be good in polymer letter press: such as digital Bembo, or Electra. Otherwise, you might want to use a font that was popular in letter press, and has been re-done to emulate letter press, such as Bembo Book or Parkinson Electra, though I'm not sure whether the latter is beefy enough. I might mention also my own Caslon revival, discussed here, which is meant to capture the feeling of the letter press versions of Caslon at text sizes.

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"No. Sorry, I lost track of the... brief."

Funny, I took you for the... boxer type;)

Seriously though, I think for the price, and with production in mind, the poster is best advised, IMHO, to select a type Of the era, as opposed to type imitating type Of the era.

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