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Hi everyone, I am trying to identify this font, used in a Christmas newsletter by Rigby & Peller a few days ago, I find it *beautiful*.
Can anybody help on this?

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The way the r and s go together does not seem like a font would do it. On the other hand, it seems that lettering art would make a smoother connection, so I suspect a customized font. I would start with Sudtipos, since that seems to be one of the more prolific script sources lately.

I will go have a look...

- Mike Yanega

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So far I have not found it, but I noticed Laura Worthington's "Samantha" is a similar script with a huge variety of alternate glyphs. I also noticed some resemblances in the script styles from Fenotype. It makes me want to say this might be a custom design by Emil Bertell, because the stylistic similarities seem strong to me. Some lettering artists have 'signatures' in their work that occur over and over, and to me some of these letters look a lot like Bertell's work.

Of course, I might just be seeing things...

- Mike Yanega

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Hi Mike, lovely!
I cannot see things the way you can :-) but seems quite right to me.
Still, I find this typeface gracious and glamourous, though a mystery to us so far...
Thanks a lot

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