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Metalica is a futuristic, techno-looking and expressive typeface with an appearance of metal-like parts with some very sharp edges.

Be careful... don't cut yourself.

Comes in 5-flavors: Roman, Slant, Swash, Ornamental & Outline.

Please let me know if you like it. Thanks.

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Nick> I have always found your comments helpful, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.

But, sometimes, especially at the top of this post, first reply... Expect a call from Mr. Ulrich's lawyer…

I almost fell off my chair.

I had no idea what you were talking about. Nor, who this 'Ulrich' guy was or anything.

It was only after I got an email from someone else offering more background information and pointing out the similarity of my font name to the band 'Matallica' did I get the full scope of the issues.

If you are going to say something... please say it in a way that is instantly understandable. I would find this more helpful. Thanks again for the heads up in the matter. Much appreciated.

You are right, I've done some checking, apparently this band does have a notorious reputation for suing anyone over it's b(r)and name.

I guess what this all comes down to, is that we all have to educate ourselves more with this sort of thing, and come to a general consensus when it's okay to incorporate someone else's trademarked 'name' into your new product, even unrelated, and when it's best to stay clear.

I certainly have learned a lot from this thread... thank you all.

There are however, no clear guidelines in the matter.

It's this 'grey area' that can get us into trouble. I think we all have been bitten by this, at one-time-or-another.

Name carefully...

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> It was only after I got an email ....

You know about Google, right?

> If you are going to say something... please say
> it in a way that is instantly understandable.

Then *I* would fall off my chair out of boredom.
Obvious is dead.


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Sorry Alex, wasn't trying to scare you, but the wit (such as it is) of my comment would have been lost if I had spelled it out.

BTW, props for the face, always good to see inventive, original work with nice details.

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If you're worried about trademark infringement, I'd name it 'Zitzler'.


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