Please help ID this font ... if possible to you

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Can someone name the font in this picture?
Many thanks for your help.

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archer pro?!?!

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Swan, if you mean the heading font, it’s Bodoni Egyptian, as stated on the right column.
Pisco’s sample is a script, which unfortunately I cannot identify.

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Pisco, how can we be sure these are not hand-drawn letters? Do you have more samples that show repeated letters? I looked at this in the e-mail you sent me, and i do not think it looks like a font, but I would have a better idea if I saw more letters.

- Mike Yanega

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I found something similar, that almost looks like what would happen if someone tried to draw a more polished version of the same letters. It's JonahFonts "Palazzo Solo". The basic shapes, at least for these letters, seem very similar.

- Mike Yanega

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