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I had posted this in the General Discussions area, but someone suggested I post here as well....

Is there any word on the current status of FontLab/FontStudio 5? I read in a number of places that release was targeted for late 2004, but I haven't seen anything recent. Sorry if I just missed it, but I'd really like to know where FontLab is now.

Adam, is there anything you can tell us?

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Adam has said elsewhere that it will definitely be in 2005.

As a beta tester, I can attest that it will be worth waiting for.



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i hope making pixel fonts would be easy somwhow in the next version.

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have you tried BitFonter 2?


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I too would like to know what's up with this!

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I also would like to know more of FontLab 5 and also of the "coming soon" (since 2 years) Windows-version of Scanfont 4.

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Heh, I guess they must be too busy working on it to hang around here. At least I hope that's the case.

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Plus, who want to pay to upgrade so soon. ;-)

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post it in the build section and you won't wait long for an answer!

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FontLab Studio 5 for Windows is in beta and will be released in the first quarter of 2005. We also plan to release some other new applications very soon, so stay tuned! As for ScanFont 4 for Windows -- well, as I've stated elsewhere, we're not a huge company with unlimited resources. This is why we rarely have the capacity to release the same application on both platforms paralelly. ScanFont 4 for Windows had to give way FontLab Studio 5. All I can say is that we do have a new version of ScanFont for Windows in the works, but we don't have a release date yet.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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Thank you for the official word, Adam. After seeing some of the discussions about FontLab Studio 5 here at Typophile, I am really looking forward to working with it.

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You did not mention the Mac version of FL5. When will that be released?


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Later :-)


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Nie dla wszystkich skrzypce graj?.

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will there be support for Hebrew with nikud and teamey mikra (trop)?

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Support for Hebrew nikud and te'amim would be dependent on an update of the Adobe OpenType FDK code that FontLab uses, so will not be in FontLab Studio 5. In the meantime, you can always use VOLT.

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Is there a way to combine this thread with the one by trhe same name in "Build"?


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This thread will shortly join its companion thread in the BUILD area.

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