Y'no when somethings just wrong and you don't know what?

tsprowl's picture

ya that's my problem eh. mind if I bounce this off you guys.?

emor's picture

I would try making the type fully saturated or opaque except where you have the hightlight. Maybe take number 2 and saturate the parts of the type that aren't below a hightlight. Right now it's either full opacity or half. Hope this makes sense.

kakaze's picture

I like numbers 4 and 6.

Actually, if you take the O from 4 and the ! from 6, I think that would be great.

capthaddock's picture

I also like 4 and 6 - maybe 4 the best. Try making the dark bubble outline the same blue as the H2Oh!.


Ignacio's picture

I like the more simple way. Maybe I see too much information for a bubble.
I also like the "O" effect in #4. If you rotate it a little I think you can add lightness

gulliver's picture

I like 4, with the highlights making the counter of the "O".


tsprowl's picture

hey thanks for the suggestion guys - I think I'm getting somewhere now eh?

tsprowl's picture

hey thanks for the suggestion guys - I think I'm getting somewhere now eh?

kakaze's picture

I like the first "hmm?"...just make the shadow bit smaller.

roasthorse's picture

I think the drop shadows and keylines are too heavy/solid - the bottom right versions (your last post) work better. ignacio's simplified suggestion is nice (some of your sketches are a little busy i think).
the exclamation point is begging to be used as a highlight in my opinion, have you tried reversing the text out of a blue bubble?

taran80's picture

tanya, is this a logo? if so, how it will be reprazented in 2 or even in 1 colours (if it will been nessesary ofkoz :-)?
my own opeeneeyon is - the first from the top right is looks mo pleasant (ofkoz if bubble effects will been more transparent)..

oh! its numba 6 from your first post:-).. i like it

taran80's picture

i mean.. i saw nothing wrong.. maybe bekoz i'm in a sunglasses :-)

emor's picture

I like the two on the bottom right. I think the white dots on the O are distracting - my eye is drawn to them too much. Maybe if the dots on the O took on the light blue background color instead.

tsprowl's picture

Dmitry - it is a 1 colour design (yes a logo) its simply screens of the same pantone so there won't be any costly print issues.

I'm pretty happy that no one seems to have a readability problem and that its apparant that its a water bubble.

off to try out these new suggestions

tsprowl's picture

Joe I tried your reversing idea, good idea but - not really working. I know what you mean with the exclamation point - that was my intent...same with using the counter of the O.

Mike - I'm glad someone mentioned it ( the O as distracting) - it was kind'a bothering me, the shape even too, but I thought maybe it was just me from starring at it too long. I reworked the O now so that its more subtle. highlight over the counter instead. I think that was probably the big wrong looking thing.

So I think I'm about finished, here it is. I figure adding a few smaller plain drops helps clarify & funkify.

Designing in a vacuum sucks sometimes, so thanks for the second pair of eyes.

hawk's picture

what is "h2oh"? who is the client?

David Hamuel

tsprowl's picture

Its a bit confusing to explain

H2Oh! is a WaterCan initiative (a Canadian NGO that deals with water issues in dev. countries and Canada) Its a program that will be introduced into the Canadian High School cirriculum. Its goal is to create a learning series and offer lesson plans (modules) that can be incorporated, modified and tailored by teachers into the science stream. The program is being developed by a committee of teachers and distributed via official channels (school board cirriculum officers) for review at this point. But the hopes for phase 2, 3 and beyond are that teachers themselves will find it and ask for it to be incorporated. Further still, they hope that parents and even students will seek and get involved.

Its sort of like taking First Aid (St. John's Ambulance), or Jump Rope for Heart that kids take in phys ed. (Heart and Stroke Foundation) that students take in school. Except this is for the science courses and the topic is water produced by WaterCan.

kris's picture

Here in New Zealand there is a bottled water brand called "h2go". Is this thing got anything to do with the UN year of fresh water? i am working on a project based on water inspired in turn by the UN buzz.

tsprowl's picture

The UN year - o yes, bigtime. WaterCan/EauVive is in there like swimwear...making sure that Canada at least does its part to help make the UN 2015 goal (the promise about raising to half the population who have access to safe drinking water)

WaterCan is the only NGO in Canada that deals with water issues as such with the UN, then there's Water For People in the US and WaterAid in the UK. Does New Zealand have one that your hooking up with?

fonthausen's picture

Hi tanya,
in your designs you 'mirrored' both words (H2 and oh) in the same side of the waterdroplet. Did you try to do it in 2 sides? Maybe you'll get more depth.


Ignacio's picture

Tanya, I

emor's picture

The latest version looks great. The little water droplets really set it off.

sean's picture

This looks really wonderful Tanya. Congratulations.

I really like it with the byline. I think the very last one has the advantage. If you have the time, dedication or budget, could you make the byline a bit more custom? The EA touching is great. Could you extend the E into the R on "series?" Even as is, it is great. Just commenting.

The small bubbles on that last one are just right. The right size, the right place...

Love it , love it. I am glad you went with the double bowled O. This is good.


tsprowl's picture

Hey thanks alot guys. I do plan on tweaking it here and there - the byline and such...but gotta do that on my time now in secret-teeny updates that the committee hopefully won't notice as they've approved moreso out of time/budget contraints.

Jacques I'm interested in your comment but don't understand what you mean by mirroring?

Ignacio, I know what you mean...but here check it out in context with the nav bar on the site (general look and feel so far).

As for the colour - I wanted to stick with WaterCan's own pantone so that it won't increase any print costs on collateral - I think it says a little something to do with sticking "on brand" so-to-speak

I've also allowed for some strange standards. Because I can't really target any one age group I suggested that in collateral appealing to older crowds - we place fewer decorative bubbles or even none so that it has more of a "MTV" feel. Younger crowds get more small bubbles - super young - lots! so you get the "Nickelodeon" idea. In essence the bubbles are going to help it scale up and down the targets - or something like that. haha

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