another kerning question

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I would appreciate any comments on this:


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What is your question, specifically?

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How is the kerning?

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do the squint test. do any rivers run through? if you pour water on the top, does it come through anywhere faster? In this case, not so much. One could try and cloe the s/y or the r/g a hair if they chose, but it's fine.

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A hair or two between g/o.

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valgeirsson, you mean tighten that - right?

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"do the squint test. do any rivers run through?" i didn't know there as a squint/river test. you just squint and look for rivers?

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It's all rivers, except for the dam at y-n.

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Nick, is this bad? should the kerning be adjusted here?

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forrest: Yes, I mean tighten, but pay attention. If you look at the letters as groups of three, you will see that every group sits quite well except the last one. Tighten the g/o but keep an eye out so that the group of "rgo" still sits well. If it doesn't you might wan't to tighten it a little bit less and add a little space between o/s.

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The rest you can play with to get more even, but my feeling is that the y is messing things up. The yn link now is distracting while the gap between the y and n is still too big compared to the other spaces.

I think there is a problem with the drawing in the font. On the y, the top "v" should be more open, with the left diagonal moved to the left, and joining lower down on the thin stroke. Then I think it would space better with the other letters.

If this is a logo, then usually the best thing is to redraw letters to make them work better together, as Doyald Young shows in his Fonts and Logos.

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Thanks all.

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