Fonts on an old safe that is being restored...

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I'm sorry for the quality of the logo, but this safe really does need to be restored. Before it gets stripped and re-painted, I want to make sure that these fonts can be identified so that I can make some paint masks and put them back on looking exactly how they did 100 years ago when this thing was manufactured (actually I really have no idea how old this safe is, but the customer is saying that it is about that old).

Any help that can be offered to me is greatly appreciated, as otherwise I will probably have to go through and vectorize it all--I really don't want to have to do that.

Thank You.

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Best bet is the hard way - get a good photo and trace it in Illustrator and then clean it up

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I fear that will be the only option at this point, though I really don't relish doing it that way and my client really won't like paying me for the time that will be involved with doing the lettering that way. But, you are right, that is the only way to guarantee that it is as close to the original as possible.


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I also agree that trace is the best way,
but if you want to modify an existing one,
you may be interested in Dragon Bold + the /& of Italian Old Style Bold

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Mike, One thing that will make the tracing easier and better is to do repair work in PhotoShop before you trace - missing areas can be quickly filled in etc.

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Thanks for all the help, I will be checking out the mentioned fonts just shortly and see what I can make work and then probably begin the vectorizing process. I will use the advice that you gave to fill in the missing areas in Photoshop before I bring it into my vector art program to do all the hard work.

Thanks again, this forum is a great resource!

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Maybe tale a look at Letterhead Fonts, for some period looking fonts:

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