Font similar to Ziggurat

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Hey everyone,
i'm looking for something similar to this font:

maybe free alternative?

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Fette Egyptienne is similar, although more rounded.

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A better link to the font is to the publishers, H&FJ. It's $99 for two fonts. If you're going to use it for something commercial, just buy it.

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I agree with Stephen. That said, if it's for a personal/pro bono/non profit project (or a very tight budget, you could look at Chunk too:

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i think i'll choose Chunk (thanks riccard0). Sorry for bad link, Stephen.

Thank You guys for quick answers!

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This is one of the few font packages (if you call 2 fonts a package) from H&FJ that sells for less than three figures. And if you only want only one font from H&FJ, you usually have to buy a mega-package.

If H&FJ want's to keep their fonts for the well heeled, so be it. Just on GP, I'd get Chuck.

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It's all relative. If you buy a family, (which makes good sense for most of their typefaces), H&FJ prices are quite reasonable, less than most premium foundries if measured by the font/style.

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