Does anyone know the dates for when Louis Simoneau (romain du roi) lived?

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Does anyone know the dates for when Louis Simoneau (romain du roi) lived?

My publisher is asking me when he was born/died. Every online source I find just quotes the same info: that he was the fella who actually engraved the designs (not the punches themselves) for romain du roi.

Any further information, or leads as to where I can find more information on him, is much appreciated.

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I suggest you contact James Mosley; he is likely to know. Unfortunately, the book on le Romain du Roi to which he contributed (do you have it?) does not have an index, and I don't have time to look through it now to see if Simonneau's dates are cited.

[Updated to fix name spelling. Thanks, Craig.]

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1654-1727 according to this source. Note the two /n/s in the name.

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The French Wiki on Louis Simonneau does not give much more information: he was born in Orléans 22 may 1654 and died in Paris 16 jan. 1727. The reference (E. Bellier de La Chavignerie , L. Auvray) does not say much more. Here is a grab from Gallica.

There is no mention of the Romain du Roy, just of the paintings he reproduced.

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Thank you all, very much!

(John: no I do not have the book. This inquiry is an entry in the timeline in my upcoming book on commercial engraving, due out fall 2012, with Princeton Architectural Press.)

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