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Hello everybody!

I'd like to promote Armasen, a new digital type foundry that I am developing in Brazil. It's still fresh and young, and that's a lot of work to do!

Just like to get in touch and show you my work.

And here is the first release, Caturrita:

Feel free to comment and talk about!

Thank you all!
Best regards,

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Re Caturrita: Something seems to be wrong with this glyph and its uppercase form.

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Thanks for seeing it, I will fix it soon!

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Well done! I especially like the light one.

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And this also looks like a problem.

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Thank you guys, all mistakes will be reviewed soon! If you find any other strange problem, please let me know!

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Congrats, Bruno. Caturrita has a very nice design. These are the problems I found:

01. tilde is very heavy and does not fit the base weight.
02. the same occurs with commaccent, although it is less apparent.
03. tilde distance to base letter is excessive.
04. cedilla is dislocated to the left.
05. ogonek exceeds the base glyph limit at right.
06. ogonek weight is also very heavy to lowercase bases.
07. macron needs more distance to lowercase bases.
08. hungarumlaut needs to be more narrow.
09. slash is not centered in ø.
10. slash is very heavy in Ø.
11. the final group shown in MyFonts uses PUA Unicodes.
12. there are two glyphs not shown between the last ones.

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Nice stuff - good luck.

Just next time show it on Typophile before release! :-)


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Thanks Igor and hrant for your great feedback, surely I'll review it, starting work on new weights and maybe go for italic forms. Then certainly your opinion will be regard.

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