Images of old Printer's Machine Boy

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Dear friends,

I'm looking for some images of old Printer's Machine Boy.
I dont know if i made my self clear. Let my try this:
I wanto to find a web site here I can find images of a old Printer with a platen letterpress or a Printer's Apprentice.
Similar to this:

Thanks in advance.

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That does not look like a happy intern.

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Must be a new hire - still has ten fingers.

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Very funny...but no links?


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Well he is running a Liberty, not one of Gordon's "Alligator" presses.

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Try doing a search for "printer's devil"

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You might find something at Dover Publications, a company that sells collections of vintage, copyright-free illustrations.

But I don't know if you can download them, I think they sell their collections in books and CDs. Large books stores and libraries often carry a selection of Dover books in their art department.

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The Briar Press, was a good ideia, thanks Aaron.
Thanks oprion and James for the info.


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