distorded calligraphic?

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hello board!

can anyone help ID-ing this font?

would make me so happy!

typophile doesnt let me upload a pic so i put it here:


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You can try HaremCondensed - (c) 1986-1995 SWFTE International, Ltd.

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Harem which looks like a knock-off of Ondine:

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Thanks a million both of you!


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Ondine is modeled on lettering that occurred centuries later than the Rustic Capitals presented here.

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Michael, surely we’re seeing different things.

Above: original sample
Below: Ondine squooshed™ 45%

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Sorry Riccardo

I should have been more clear... sorry. The very condensed forms with lighter verticals is very much of the Rustic ilk. Ondine "squooooooshed" and very condensed :-0 does take on the shapes. I was commenting on the historical value.

Ondine has a much higher weight to height ratio in its intended use and is from a different century. Odd that one would think to do this to a font to achieve that end. Notice the bold horizontals which bow to the Hebraic and Arabic forms.

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Thank you for the follow up Michael. I wasn’t familiar with Rustic capital style.
That said, I’m afraid very few people care about historical or stylistic accuracy, or plausibility, and when they squoosh, they squoosh for saving space, not for attaining some effect. Which is sad (and ugly to boot).

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