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This is my first font posted this year, and it's long overdue.

Here's what I have so far. Currently it resides in Illustrator, and hasn't been fontified yet. At this stage I'm trying to decide whether to keep it a stencil face. Any other thoughts?


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I think what you have so far is quite interesting. I don't mind it being a stencil face, but I think you need to change the stencil gaps a bit so it doesn't just look like a "font with a line through each letter".


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It makes me think of House Industries for some reason. I'd check out there collection for direction.


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Paul -- good call on the serifs. I did away with them for now.

Jim, I enjoy the House collection a great deal, but I was hoping for more specific suggestions, such as comments on individual glyphs.

Anyway, here's version 2:


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Er, the stencils.

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i think it's great. for the most part, the letters are top-heavy, and it makes the whole set look fun and quirky. i like it a lot. what about a small-caps set?

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Actually, Loren, you inspired me to do a LC set. Not exactly small caps, but maybe worth the effort...


Needless to say, it's still in Illustrator.

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I'm not sold on the X -- looks a little wide.

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Dactylic -- The Adventure Continues.

Marc: Yeah, that X was weak. But I redid it and completed the (basic 52) character set. Thanks for the input!

I really like the way it's evolving. Check it out:


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Really Interesting...

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