Please Critique: Logo for a new type foundry.

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Hi Everyone,

We've been working on a logo for a new type and media foundry. We chose to go with a simple shape and line based approach to keep the mark true to what the foundry did.

We've been staring at this for ages nw and wanted a slightly outside perspective. Please be ruthless! Any critique or feedback would be most appreciated.

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I like it, but it doesn’t work as a logo. Hard to read and the shape falls apart. It doesn’t look like one word, it’s a collection of lines. Maybe start over with a regular font and work towards this?

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Hi Lari,

Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you - the current logo doesn't have a cohesive base but, at the same time, I would like to see where I could take this. I've been working on it and have managed to build this - - Have tried to give it it a more typeface feel by eliminating the geometric center on the 's' stem.

I was very inspired by the VRay4C4D Logo - .

As you suggested I'm also thinking about staring again and felt Whitney was a good strong choice as a typeface. Will update the thread once I something concrete with that.


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Hi Arjun

I agree with Lai, in the first example, the letters need, when put together, to form cohesive word(s). Also, as the client is a foundary, maybe you should have a lot more strength in the strokes, this will counter the large negative spaces which are also breaking the composition up.

I think the same thing is happening in the second example, to me the strokes coming off the letters are going the wrong way, in the english language we read from left to right, those strokes seem to be counter-intuitive, moving from right to left.

Overall I think the concept is heading in the right direction and has the right feel, just needs some simplification. What about linking the letters along the x-height axis, this will leave everything above and below the lines 'borderless' yet at the same time allow you to tidy up the baseline, and be able to do the same along the top.

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Hey guys,

Thank you for all your feedback. Its incorporated. How about this

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The spin of the S has to be smoother and the mirror effect in this letter is not a good way. the top seems too on the left side . Some letter seems bigger (E,R,B) probably because the black line are outside on some letters and inside in other one. The typeface used for Media Lab doesn't fit with Borderless to my point of view. Keep going.

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