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Hey Guys, It's my first post here and one of my first logos. I've played around with typography for a while so hopefully this logo isn't too bad.

The logo is basically for personal branding. I do design, software development, and various forms of entrepreneurship, but I'm primarily trying to create consistant personal branding. It's not primarily for consulting or jobs, but more for networking, etc. I usually end up chasing my own project anyways and I want to put my best foot forward when trying to get other people to participate and help out.

The Background:

I played around with many different types of fonts to try to get something that conveyed professionally and competence. In that regard, I really like very corporate serif fonts. But a part of me also needed to depart from that, saying that we're not corporate (and all the things that go along with corporate). I ended up wanting to make a weighted (is that the right term for where one leg is heavier than the other) sans-serif font that was very clean.

The Current Logo:

I started sketching out different variations and looked around for other similar fonts. The only font that I could find that had the basic same idea was the Nordstrom logo, which is very well done. I like the barless 'A's but it seems to make the beginning a little heavy on the white space. I don't know if this is too big of an issue though. Also I spent a good amount of time on the 'S' but it's hard to get it to look right.

Any and all critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks!

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Nice job Aaron, clean simple, lettering proporations look good. I would suggest adding a small coloured graphic to it, to lift it above a nice line of type, to a logo.

Something like a small sun graphic coloured orange inside the O

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I agree that's a clean and simple logo. I also agree it could be good to add something to raise this logo line at a second level. The idea summited by Lindsay is good. Try to colored all the counter space of the O or just place a small dot in the middle of this O. Try some different color. About the letters themselves, there is some connection should be reviewed. At my point of view the top of the /R/, where the curve connect to the straight ligne, should be smoother, also the /S/ has to be redraw to be more fluid, especially at the top left and bottom right where the curves are broken. Keep going.

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@sim What do you mean smoother on the /R/?

Thanks for the suggestions, I put in a graphic as well as a second line of text. Still working on the graphic but I've fixed some of the issues with the logotype - same with the second line of text. It's still tentative.

I updated the S and U to look a little more natural. Some updates on stroke weight as well to be more consistant across the letters. Any criticisms on kerning, stroke weight, shape, etc. of the logotype?

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There is a bump at the top of the /R/ where the horizontal line meet the curve. Try to draw it a bit smoother by moving the node point, at the top of the /R/ to the left side and by pulling the Bezier Control Point to the right side . It's probably just me, but I find the line under the “sun” unhappy.

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Really nice lettering. I would discourage you from trying to depict a sun in a logomark. It doesn't really get at your ideas. It has an Asian feel, and has some other distracting associations.

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do you really need the logomark? i really like your logotype without it. =)

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The graphical element isn't working so much for me. Makes me think of a hotel casino logo. I do like the lettering though. I may be off-base here, but have you considered doing something subtle to one of the /A/'s so it isn't completely identical to the other one? My eye gets a bit hung up on the consecutive /A/'s.

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