Is there any difference between Grotesque and Neo-grotesque typefaces?

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I am a student taking a typography module at the moment, and i need help with this! Someone help me, pretty please ???

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By the way, you should move the thread to Typographic Education or General Discussions.

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Oh okay, I've moved it! Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

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Neo Grotesques will usually be drawn cleaner, with more coherence between characters and will be conceived as families from the begginig thus showing greater stylistic integration between weights.

Groteque typefaces were initially intended as display faces for newspaper advertisements thus never made good paragraphs. Many Neo Grotesque typefaces have more open shapes and better spacing to improve this.

Also many Neo Groteque typefaces incorporate geometric or humanistic characteristics to soften the beefy appearance of Grotesques.

But none of these are rules, some Neo Grotesque types are conceived to dramatize the clunky appearance of early Grotesques as they were derived from early Slab Serifs.

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Even though they have already given you answers I will add some information that might be helpfull to someone visiting this post in the future.

According to Karen Cheng's Designing Type book, the basic difference between Grotesques and Neo Grotesques typefaces is that Grotesques were basically Serif faces with the serifs cut off and Neo Grotesques have a more systematic construction.

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