Hans Reichel 1949-2011

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Fontblog.de announces sad news:

Hans Reichel, typedesigner, musician, inventor of the daxophon and creator of FF Dax, FF Daxline, FF Sari, Barmeno FF Schmalhans, FF Routes has passed away on Tuesday, November 22nd.

More (in german) at Fontblog.de

Update: Now at the FontFont-site too (english)

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I am sorry to hear of his passing. Thank you for posting the announcement.


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He created and left us great things during his lifetime. Sorry to hear about this unexpected lost.

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An example of disciplinary solitudes: before reading obituaries today, I had no idea that Hans Reichel was the inventor of the daxophone, while his Wikipedia entry discusses his musical inventions and activities, but does not (as of this morning) mention his typeface designs.

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