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Over the last year, I have received many requests asking if I plan to expand on Contax Pro.

Well, I'm happy to release today, Contax Sans, a new geometric sans family of fonts based on my original design of Contax grotesque.

Similar yet different. A more delicate and elegant interpretation, with subtle detail in terminals and with thick and thin stem variations reminiscent of Hermann Zapf's "Optima" family of fonts. I hope you like it.

In order to make my fonts more affordable, I offer the regular and italic free, and I have decided to cut my prices in half going forward.

You can go to the links below to view and download your free fonts.

There is also a promotion for 50% Off on my Contax Pro family of fonts, during the holidays, till January 7th.

Thank you & have a happy holiday.

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That's great, it looks lovely!

When I tried to download the free regular and italic versions it shows as $0 in the main section, but as $19.50 in my cart.

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Try again...

Go to this link: (click on Contax Sans Basic set, which includes the roman & italic free)

There does appear to be a glich on Myfonts with the single Contax Sans regular.

I will look into it and resolve soon. Thank you for the info.

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