Laser Cutting Paper

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I was wondering if any of you haave worked with a vendor that laser cuts paper. If so, would you be willing to share your vendor's name and contact info? Additionally, are there any tidbits of advice you can pass along in terms of keeping costs down, what types of paper work best, etc?

After doing a preliminary search on Google, it appears there are several sources to choose from. However, I always like to patronize vendors that a fellow designer finds helpful, reliable and do an all-around great job.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hello Mark,

All I know of is a Dutch company called Point To Paper:
I'm sure they are willing to give you some more information on their possibibilies. Like shipping it over to your side of the ocean...

Cheers, JB

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I appreciate the referal. Have you ever had them produce any projects? I'm wondering how interested they would be in working with someone in SoCal.

Thanks again, JB.


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You're welcome. I've seen them showing their stuff at trade shows here in The Netherlands & spoke to them to have me quote covers for brochures on a project I had then. Project was skipped so I never actually had the change working with them but hope to in the near future. I'm sure they know how to ship stuff to you safely ;-)

Here's another sample of what they do:

I'd wish for regular projects like this...!

Cheers, JB

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