FontLab Macros on Lion

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I totally need help!

Updating to Lion – I know it was a bad idea – only brought trouble to my FontLab workflow.
Since the last build FontLab luckily works (maybe even better than on Snow Leopard), BUT I just can’t get my macros to work!

Here is the latest Error message I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 20, in
ImportError: No module named robofab.interface.all.dialogs

Robofab is installed. Python too. (I guess)

I am so thankful for tips, it’s driving me crazy,
plus I am obviously not able to wrap my mind around this myself.

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Try pulling the latest packages from SVN. SVN is pretty awesome, it keeps you up to date with code whenever you want.
It is installed on your Mac already. So all you have to do is: set up a folder where you want the distros to be

(I have ~/svn/)

Open a Terminal in that folder and type

svn co update (press enter)

svn co (press enter)
svn co (press enter)
svn co (press enter)

SVN will download all the code from the specified sources.

Now all you have to do is tell Python where your code is:
Go to your Python directory(/ies):

Macintosh HD/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/
(FL now uses 2.6, and I believe everything else as well, but you can do that for all the Python versions if you want.)

Locate the file robofab.pth, open it and change the contents (to the path you have dumped robofab to):

Locate the file dialogKit.pth, open it and change the contents (to the path you have dumped robofab to):

Locate the file vanilla.pth, open it and change the contents (to the path you have dumped robofab to):

Locate the file robofab.pth, open it and change the contents (to the path you have dumped robofab to):

Now copy your .PTH files into all the different Python 'site-packages' folders like in my screenshot.

Now copy the Fontlab scripts from the Robofab SVN folder into your Fontlab script folder.

Restart Fontlab.

Awesome sauce.

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According to the error message RoboFab is not correctly installed. You might want to read these instructions for installing Robofab at the FontLab forums.


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~ means your home folder, so ~/Library is in fact = Macintosh HD:Users:YOUR-USER-NAME:Library

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To update the sources on a later date, execute these commands:

svn update (press enter)
svn update (press enter)
svn update (press enter)
svn update (press enter)
svn update (press enter)

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Wow, Claus is passing on the knowledge … :)

Lion and FL 5.1 are using a newer version of Python, so you just have to move over your Robofab folders to the newer Python (2.6 I believe?), or do a re-install.

Find the old stuff in /Library/Python/2.3/, reproduce in 2.6

Or do as Claus said and get the SVN.

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*shyyyys Frank* It's our little secret.

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Big thanks to Frank for the original recipe!

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I got all the macros working when I found out that the users Library exists, but it is invisible. I was then able to copy the scripts properly.

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Thanks, Claus & Frank, this fixed all of my chaos as well. 5.1 broke the scripts in 10.6, upgrade to Lion didn't fix or harm, now it's all running smoothly. Such a relief.

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At first, everything worked fine again, but I still kept getting a "PendingDeprecationWarning" running Ben Kiel's Then I noticed that I had an outdated version of Ben's script in my Macros folder. I downloaded the latest version (1.6) from and now, everything works as expected again.


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i am also crazy with this and finally here is an answer!, but i could install everything but the first part:
svn co update
i get:
svn: URL '' doesn't exist

probably i am doing something realy silly, can someone help me?
thanks for the help and the post, d.

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1. The robofab URL was wrong. It should read:

svn co

2. Why not svn co the complete typesupply stuff?

svn co

3. You can then update by cd'ing into the directory and typing svn update

PS: Also, in my case it's 2.7, not 2.6.

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Hi mekka,

Thanks for the help, now I could download the robofab.
but I did my best and still cannot make it works.
Seems to have a problem with the directory.
I wrote in robofab.pth:

. Jeremias is the name of the disk
. daro is my user name
. the svn folder is down documents directory.

also I edited the pth with TextEdit,

thanks again for the help!

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svn co update

For some reason the shitty typophile CMS can't write that correctly. It's correctly written if I try to edit my post. Well, you figured it out.

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Now that I came to myself again:

@Claus: Thanks for typing this all in for me, it was very helpful.

@Paul: You where totally right that RoboFab wasn’t installed correctly anymore.

You all rock. Merry Christmas.

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