InDesign: copying & pasting *italics*

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This seems like a feature that should exist, epecially with OpenType, but as far as I know you cannot copy italicized type from a Word doc and paste it into your InDesign layout, without having to reformat the italics. Anybody have any workarounds or tips.

Would importing the text and remapping styles be the way to go? Sometimes I just need to bring in a paragraph or two, in which case the text import seems laborious.

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On a Mac, go into InDesign > Preferences > Clipboard Handling and check the box "All text information..." That will retain most formatting coming from Word and Word-clones.

In experimenting just now, I can even get InDesign to accept fake italics and small caps from Word.

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> That will retain most formatting

I've done that sometimes if I'm cutting and pasting a lot, although a potential disadvantage is that the pasted text may have some formatting that you need to change (like if the point size doesn't match your InDesign text). Also your InDesign style sheets may get cluttered up with imported styles from the Word document.

In many cases I'd prefer just to paste without formatting and then apply InDesign paragraph or character styles. But it's just personal preference; whatever works best for you.

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