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I'm working on a logotype for a new company that sells framed, wallmounted, aquariums. Here's one of the many concepts. But I'm struggling to find the perfect typeface. Obviously, Bank Gothic is not the best choice--but it's in the right direction.

Please help with any type suggestions. Thanks!


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Rick, tell us more about the business. Are these aquariums: mass consumer products?, custom made?, upscale? Will the logo be used as a sales tool (ads, website) or as a product idenification (printed or stamped on the product. Will these be sold in Kmart or only directly through dealers or direct from the company.

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> The aquariums are being marketed toward an upscale, high-end audience. > Possibly shown in model homes as an upgrade. They may also be sold in > specialty pet shops.

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I like the concept. Some random suggestions:

increase the dark/light contrast of the frame to make it more noticable

the frame vs. type colors don't seem quite different enough.

is the reflection needed?

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What about making a stylized fish in the shape of a Q, then enclosing it within a frame?

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