Package / Label Designer Wanted

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Looking to hire IMMEDIATELY a qualified package/label designer.

You must:
- have professional experience in different brand and graphic design projects
- have worked on printed designs
- preferably have worked on product packaging and label designs

Portfolio of work will be an asset.

Please reply here if interested or submit your details via:

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> preferably have worked on product packaging and label designs

"Preferably"? How could anyone be "a qualified package/label designer" if they haven't done that kind of work before?


I'm a packaging and branding designer - but i'm in new zealand

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Can't promise I would take the job, but I am a professional graphic designer with print experience. Check out my portfolio: Let me know if you're interested.

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Have been doing Packaging/Branding & Designing for Retail Sales, Stores & Brands for 15 years now, but I am in Australia and up to my eyeballs in work here and for international companies.

It's a good niche graphics industry to get into and specialize in.
People want their purchases housed in something! LOL.

Good Luck with the search.

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