Slab serif from Publico

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I'm sorry I don't have a higher resolution image for this one. It's from (I think) a Portuguese publication called Público:

The slab serif used for the headline that says "A quinta vertical de Oliver Foster" and a whole lot of the other text on this page is set in a slab serif which reminds me a little of Schwartz' Stag and also Guardian Egyptian, but it's neither of them. Can anyone help me identify it?

Thanks a bunch!


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It’s Popular, I think.

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It looks like that's it. Thanks R. Now ... Popular is somehow hard to buy (it's not available for download on Font Bureau's web page). Would any of you guys know of a good alternative? I especially like the top of the capital A with the serif going only to the left side.

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It’s not immediately available for download, but they say it is ‘available for licensing’. Why not drop them a line? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

At any rate, you might like Apex Serif or Grueber.

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