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Hello everybody,

My name is Sam, and I am designing a post apocalyptic cardgame called AtomPunk based in a nuclear fallout world. Similar to the Fallout game series, mad max, book of eli, tank girl etc.

Humanity has taken shelter from the radiation fallout and have final clambered out after a few hundered years sometime after WW2 and during the early stages of the cold war. Retro-Future, pin-up glam, art deco, raygun gothic, post-apoc wasteland.

(Edit: The "file attachment" and the html IMG tags both seem to be broken on the site, so to see the front cover that I reference above it is here:
http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1121728_lg.jpg )

I have two questions to ask you sage and whistful typophiles;

1. The front cover has some lovely ipsum-esque filler "TEXT TEXT TEXT" spattered all over it. It looks a little ... um ... "Rush Hour"y at the moment and I think is a little to action film. Are there some more ... fitting fonts around?

2. I am in the process of creating both the game manual and a selection of short stories that are to be coupled together with the indy release of the game. I think it would be prudent if I kept the typygraphy consistant. That withstanding, is it better to keep to very functional readability and straight forwardness, or is there something that I can add to the reams of text to give them a bit of a more atmospheric feel without being cringe worthy? Perhaps just the headers? I would love to hear your thoughts

Thanks All,

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No one? :(

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Not really type suggestions, I'm afraid, but do you really need all that text?
I think you should revise the composition, giving the pin-up and the wordmark the front spot (now they look a bit overhelmed), and leaving the rest in the background as much as possible.

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Just look at emigre, post-apocalyptic -> post-modern
Like: http://www.emigre.com/EF.php?fid=216

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wow! Brilliant suggestions :)

Thank you so much riccard, dtw and bezier

I like the atompunkyness of dtw;s and the genuine font-ness of beziers!

Riccard - you are damned rightm, Im going to play about with one side of text only. Brilliant :) you guys are very cool.

Any others:?

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