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This typeface just grew out of some doodles I made on my scorepad while playing a card game called "kaiser". In my notebook, I've designed the whole thing, uppercase and lowercase, plus much of the cyrillic alphabet, which has been an interesting experience. Below is all I've had time to digitize so far.

So what is it? It's a bit of Bodoni, a bit of Dalliance, a bit of uncial, a bit of cursive, and some more geometric curves mixed in. I've tried to give the uppercase letters a strong capline and strong vertical strokes, while playing loose with the bottom and descenders.

The S has been giving me some grief; I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Anyway, I welcome comments, and will hopefully have more coming soon.



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Very fun! It strikes me that the "S" ought to include some of the curves of the "C" and "E".

I love the center strokes of "M" and "W". "Q" is an interesting approach, too. I'm curious

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I love that G...I don't know about the Q though, it looks malformed.

I really like this though, can't wait to see more.

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I don't think the beaks work on the S. Mess around with a ball terminal on top and a beak on the bottom. (That sounds dirty, doesn't it?) Maybe try a curvier spine, as well, sort of taking after the A and N.

I really dig the flavor of this thing.

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Nice face! (Kinda sounds like saying 'nice head' no?)

Anyway, I agree with Colin - try a ball terminal on the top of the 's'.

I am looking forward to watching it develop.


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the "G" is very democratica.


I like it. it has a very twisted feel to it. I agree about the 'S'. It is too straight to fit in.

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I have to agree with the previous posters on the "S"...as for the "Q", I have mixed feelings about it...it's definitely got an original feel to it, but it almost feels like it's too much compared to the rest of the font...not sure what I'd do with it, though. I'll be watching the evolution of this one with interest. :-)

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Thanks everyone - I have a few more ideas for the S and Q that I'll try.

I'm curious

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Paul, nice work so far, lots of potential here.


there's already a Kaiser.


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Oh ••••.

Post 666 at 3:33. Got to...get to...667.

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...and there's Kaiser Gothic (19th century)

David Hamuel

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Iam interested to see what you have planned for the lowercase..

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