The Ink Dial - a Kickstarter with typographic rewards

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Dear Typophile friends

I would appreciate you taking a moment and giving my printing-related Kickstarter a look-see. (You can also find it as well.)

I’m not sure what any typographers would do with a tool to measure printing ink, but I think the rewards are particularly interesting. Perhaps some of you are friends, fans, colleagues, even collectors of the amazing artists who’ve graciously donated work for me to print in limited editions for kickback.

Speaking of whom, check out some of the amazing artists who’ll be making prints:

1. Marian Bantjes

2. Alan Blackman

3. Andrew Byrom

4. Michael Clark

5. Michael Doret

6. Ed Fella

7. Eric Hanson

8. Carl Kurtz

9. Carl Rohrs

10. Yvette Rutledge

11. Paul Shaw

12. Susan Skarsgård

13. John Stevens

14. Sumner Stone

15. Jack Unruh

Their faith in my project is heartening.

If you can’t pledge, I would tremendously appreciate it if you could simply help get the word out. Every little bit of exposure by any ounce of effort will make a difference.

Thank you from the bottom of my ink encrusted heart.


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p.s. Let me know if you have any questions. Can't really show what the tool is yet; haven't the resources to file any protective paperwork on the idea yet. Ergo, the Kickstarter.

But MAN!!! Look at that list of artists!!!

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Their faith in my project is heartening.

They will get a good price on having their work nicely printed in letterpress, with some publicity to boot.
What have they got to lose?
Either their artwork already exists, or they won't create it unless you raise the requisite funds.
The real faith is being exercised by those not on your artist list, who pledge funds for their rewards, sight unseen.
It might help your project if you could persuade one or two of the artists to produce poster art specifically for this project, and show these rewards now. That would appeal to those who are interested in exclusive art prints.

Frankly, I don't think it's a good idea to mention Ink Dial if you don't already have patent and trademark protection in place.

I would imagine that commercial paint manufacturers (eg Behr) use something similar to "dial up" colors, adding pigments to a neutral base.

Another benefit to non-printers: it's a green product in that it reduces ink wastage.

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Thank you Nick. You make many good points.

A few of the artists really wanted to be involved but they could only offer me work they'd already created. Others, most in fact, are creating original work for this project. Quickly off the top of my head I know Sumner Stone, Marian Bantjes & Susan Skarsgard are all in the process of creating original work.

I understand and share your trepidation about patent & trademark concerns. I am failing to post a trademark symbol after the words Ink Dial™. This I understand grants me a measure of protection until the paperwork has cleared. Kickstarter made it clear that no one will pledge unless they can see the thing. On the other hand, what counsel I've received from patent attorneys is clear: I'd be a fool to utter one word about this until I am ready to take orders & ship product. I am erring on the side of caution as best I can. WIthout the Kickstarter I have no other means to afford the protective paperwork.

The idea was inspired years ago by standing in line waiting for my paint to be mixed at the hardware store. There exist large computer-operated ink distribution systems for massive offset presses, but my tool is intended for "micro-use" I call it. It not only reduces the waste of mixing too much ink but solves other ink maintenance problems.

My gratitude knows no end. I thank the artists with every correspondence and I thank those of you who've pledged already cleaning 20% of my goal within the first week.

Thanks again Nick. Discussion is just one of many ways to spread the word.

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Sounds useful and interesting. Good luck!


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As far as I know, the ones of us that I know are creating original art (small community). No sense in venturing into the unknown unless you have a piece of unknown work :-) Counterproductive, now isn't it?

And actually Nick, I was not looking for publicity, did not not even enter my mind. Terry seems like a great, inventive and generally good fellow, he was introduced to me by Susan Skarsgard. The list of participants that I know are just genuinely good and giving people. Seems to me that everybody on the list, that I know... most of them, are established enough to not worry about the face time.

As the "invention" was described to me it sounds very useful and creative!

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Michael, publicity may not have entered your mind, but you have nonetheless been extolled as an an “amazing artist” by Terry.
What did you expect when he asked you to contribute?

(BTW, I would never call any artist "amazing", but some of your artworks are quite awesome, IMHO!)

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On this project only fun can be had.

It should be amazing as some of us are very complex designers, some of us adore simplicity and there are others falling everywhere in between.

Plus Terry's pedigree is flawless. :-)

And thank you for your comments Nick, sent a chill up my spine.

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