Condensed/Compressed Grotesque Suggestions

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I'm looking for some suggestions for condensed and/or compressed grotesques for use in an contemporary art festival. At this stage it feels right for the project, with the creative in it's infancy. I'm well aware of the Champion and Knockout families but am looking for something perhaps less common. Liking the idea of having a cold, machine quality without becoming tech.
At the moment I've played with Compacta, Compacta Light, Univers condensed Plak and a few others. There's a degree of the off-beat nature of plak that also seems in line with the contemporary art work. A couple of refs:

Quite liking the look of Druk

Also love the identity of NYC Opera by 2x4 here

And sort of rail road gothic

Look forward to hearing some words of wisdom from the experienced to the inexperienced!

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Is Tungsten too tech?

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Thanks for the suggestions so far folks, liking the look of Lorimer.

I think Tungsten is a little tech, but has of the right flavour for sure.

Don't think it needs to exclusively be grotesques.

Please keep em comin!

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I believe Graphik is (or used to be) available on request. Also, I think Steile Futura in it's many variants might be an interesting face to explore for this project.

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Graphik Condensed that is.

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Thanks for all the help everyone

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