Small caps Eszett?

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I don't know german, but I'm aware that there are no consensus on capital (therefore - small cap. too) eszett glyph.
Should or shouldn't I make smcp version? What's the common practice?

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If you design a capital eszet, and you have small-caps in the font, then you of course also have to design the small-caps eszet.

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If you da a versal Eszett (and you should), and you do small caps, you should do a small caps Eszett too.

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Germans told me that by default lowercase Eszett is best mapped to ‘SS’ as an uppercase glyph (same goes for small caps). Current German school orthography apparently calls for this substitution and many of your customers will have to stick to the traditional spelling. Capital Eszett (and its small-caps rendering) can (and, according to some, should) be made available in a stylistic set. Making it default is likely to cause problems for users who don’t work in OpenType-savvy applications.

My opinion: If you can come up with a nice shape, please include it in your typeface.

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