DTL Kernmaster?

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Any significant improvement? I have a major overhaul underway: "new-and-improving" my freeware collection of fonts, most of which were, naïvely, auto-kerned in Fontographer 4.x.

Since Fontographer tended to ignore the "kern these characters only" selections and produce a great many unnecessary pairs—degree-copyright: really?—realistically, I am going to have to jettison all the old kerning info and start from scratch. Even under optimal conditions, manually kerning over 200 fonts is going to be an incredibly time-consuming task.

If I were convinced that Kernmaster would do a better job overall and require only occasional tweaking, I would be happy to consider purchasing a license. However, my past experience with Contourmaster—intended to tune up the original outlines generated by an even older version of Fontographer—was not very reassuring, despite many passes through, fine-tuning the settings and hoping for better results.

Any words of encouragement out there, or should I prepare for my butt to get seriously numb for an extended period of time?

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