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I've made a custom logotype based off of H&FJ's Archer. I tore off the ball serif, and made them all slab-ish, and brought down the cap-height. The result was a significant change to Archer's standard ffi ligature on the word "Office."

Aside from critiques on the ligature, I'm happy to hear any other points of concern. Especially, I'm not in love with the "c."

Thanks in advance!

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I definitely prefer the first variant where the first /f/ hangs closer to the second. The imbalance of the /c/ can be corrected in two ways: either shorten the upper serifed terminal (my recommendation) or lengthen the lower terminal. This with the purpose of optically aligning both ends vertically. Subsequently, you will be able to kern the /e/ a bit tighter.

It is my impression that the pair /bo/ is kerned tighter than /od/.

I'd separate the capital /P/ away from the /e/ one point or two.

If the gap between /y/ and /O/ is supposed to represent a /space/, to my eyes it looks like kerning has been left out.

I hope my comments help. Archer was a good desition! :-)

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Thanks for the comments Lex, I kind of forgot I posted this over the weekend. I'll flush out the kerning a little better, and play around with the 'c' optically.

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