From Regular.ttf To Bold, Italic and BoldItalic .ttf files

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Electronic Text Readers (eReaders) that allow different user specific fonts to be used, some require 4 font styles of the font that user chooses:

bold italic

Please tell me if there is any user friendly, newbie / easy to use font software that allows these 4 font styles to be created, preferably free font software or free online font software.

The font software should also allow this font file naming convention / allow flexibility in font file naming:

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Any automated solution is going to produce spotty results, at best, especially when generating pseudo-italics. Slanting type changes the sidebearings on most characters and tends to create spacing issues, which generally need to be resolved manually.

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If you only need the four styles, because the Ereader does not accept font families with less than four members, you could simply copy the regular style three times and just change the internal names and some other values. All the four styles would look the same. You could use TTX or FontForge for this.

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TTX is quite a program though difficult to get it started on Windows. @ Arno Enslin has posted on Typophile about this. I even tried it on Fedora Linux. I am not a techie. I wanted to find that start icon or file to get it going and it was not easy, just could not do it.

FontForge was easy to get on Fedora Linux because it is also free software and was usable opposite to TTX. I tried on it though I felt it was confusing as I only a newbie and a non-techie.

So if either Arno Enslin or someone who is a font expert with TTX or FontForge and has a few minutes to spare please could you do the @ Arno Enslin recommendation for these 2 fonts for US Dollar 20 please:

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Please excuse my previous posting offering US Dollar 20. I've solved the issue.

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The eReader I am experimenting with was able to install this font without internal TTX/FontForge name changes. I am able to view the font on the most of the files that came with it except one dictionary which in the end offered the deleting option (bit odd). I will need to view downloaded electronic texts to research further.

This font was not doable on the eReader for some reason.

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