Typeface suggestions please; clients have different styles

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Hi everyone

I am designing a logo for a marketing company. The two partners have differing styles and I am finding it hard to find a typeface that they both like.

One partner likes bold and slightly quirky. She really liked Appetite. The other partner is minimalist and clean, and likes Sodermalm. As you can see, they have quite differing tastes. They are willing to meet in the middle. I tried Mrs Eaves but they are not convinced.

I have been staring at typefaces for hours! Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Sorry, I should mention that the vision/goal for the logo is no mark so purely typographical, simple, not fussy, fairly gender neutral to appeal to the masses.

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I assume you are talking about font names there? Maybe a brushy serif? Maybe something like Dolly?

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Looks like you're correct. Likely these two: Södermalm and Appetite.

Would they go with a Modern or a Century serif? Here are some: http://www.thessalonica.org.ru/en/fonts.html

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Memoriam Pro
Solomon Deco
Caslon D OT Graphique
Fedra Serif B Pro

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Come to think of it... why not see if you can play Södermalm and Appetite (or others similar to them) against each other. Say, imply chaos meeting order and creating new, fresh solutions. Just don't make it a new, clear future... leave that to pTerry.

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