FontLab weird saving problem.

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I've created a font in Fontstruct, and cleaned it up in Fontlab.
However when clicking to preview the font (using the spacebar, after highlighting),
it shows the 'X' and the 'o' to be missing, even though they are there when loaded.

How can I correct this?

So far, I have checked all the surrounding glyphs W,X,Y n,o,p
and there doesn't appear to be anything obviously wrong.
No spacing issues.
No Reversed paths.
No kerning issues. No kerning pairs.
No double glyphs (on top of each other).

I'm really baffled.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am on Mac using Snow Leopard 6.8

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Try changing the start point on the offending glyphs.


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Thanks, how do you do that?

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Control-click on a node and choose 'make node first'.


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No luck, that didn't solve it. Thanks anyway.

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Any open contours?

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This font has many repeating shapes, it looks like the CFF Sub-Routinization is ‘eating up’ some of your glyphs.

In the preferences, switch off the option ‘Use subroutines to compress outlines in the CFF table’, found at
‘Generating OpenType and TrueType’ → ‘OpenType PS (.otf)’

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@Cristobal, Thanks for your suggestion. I had checked that already, along with clearing the Font Cache, correct connection, optimizing and reloading in the original glyphs.

@frankrolf. Wow,very technical. I have just tried that saving the font as a .ttf and .otf but still no joy.

May be I should let you guys download it, to see if you can find the problem.

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Are the characters only missing in the Quick Look preview? I've come across a couple of fonts where the 'X' was missing in Quick Look— both were all-caps fonts with double-encoded glyphs and extended Latin characters. They otherwise functioned normally, and running fontQA reported no other obvious issues. I figure it must have had something to do with the encoding (re-encoding seemed to fix it), but no clue whether it's just a glitch with Quick Look or indicative of a real issue within the font. Although I've never seen a missing 'o' and your font obviously isn't single-case, it might be worth trying Reencode Glyphs or Generate Unicode from the Glyph menu > Glyph Names.

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@Gargoyle The characters are only missing in the Quick Look preview. They function normally otherwise. I think it looks unprofessional to send out a font that has a visual error on it.

I just tried the ReEncode / Generat Unicode. No change. :-(

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Did you try loading the font on a different computer?

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Nippa sent me the font for examination. Here are my solutions to his issues:

The QuickLook glitch was caused by the following:
No glyph names in the font (only uniXXXX).
Solved via: Glyph → Glyph Names → Generate Names …

The missing ‘ABC’ preview in FontBook was caused by a custom preview string stored in the table.
(‘Zephyrs …’)
FL is not able to remove that reliably, buy you can remove the string in a TTX-dump and re-compile the font.

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You are a Genius. Huge Thanks.

Glyph > Glyph Names > Generate Names > What mapping file do I choose from the pull down menu, Standard Table or other?
Also which boxes do I need to check?
[ ] Use this table as default
[ ] Try to keep existing glyph names
[ ] Apply only to selected glyphs

Sorry to ask, but :-
How did you remove a string in a TTX-dump, then re-compile?
Could you possibly tell me the step by step process.

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The default options in Generate Names worked for me.

I posted my solution for the sample text issue in the other thread.

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@gargoyle HUGE thanks.
I didn't think both you and frankrolf would be able to solve both problems at the same time.
Hence why I sent it to the two of you.
Your solutions are brilliant and succinct.
I can now sleep easy, and finally get back to some serious design work.

Today is a very good day. :-)

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TTX is a command line utility, part of ‘FontTools’ by Just van Rossum.
I believe it is gets installed with Robofab.

To decompile a font to XML, you just have to do the following:
('fontfile.ttf' being a placeholder for any otf or ttf font):

ttx fontfile.ttf

A 'fontfile.ttx' file will be generated alongside the original font file.
This file can be edited with a text editor.

To recompile the font, simply do:

ttx fontfile.ttx

You will end up with an exact copy of your original font file, plus/minus the modifications you made in the TTX file.

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I said: “The missing ‘ABC’ preview in FontBook was caused by a custom preview string stored in the table.”
I meant to say: “The missing ‘ABC’ preview in FontBook was caused by a custom preview string stored in the 'name' table.”

Typophile seems to remove pointy brackets.

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Ya mean angle brackets (less-than/greater-than)? Typophile probably thinks, then, that they are disallowed HTML tags. Try using < and > instead.

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