The Exo Font Family - Free Font Release

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Hi, I'm working on very complete font family that will be released for free. It has 9 weights, all with true italics, a lot of opentype features and over 700 glyphs.

Now I'm looking for funding through kickstarter. If you can help me on this project by being a backer or sharing this project with your friends I would be very grateful.
Thank you very much!

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Wow, I'm glad you cleared that up.
For a moment I thought you might have a frontal cortex.


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Copied is a harsh term. I’d rather say slightly too inspired by. Like how my first sketches for Aften looked a lot like Kris’ National, but eventually found it’s own tone :) Young and inspired. As for the rest of this: this really made my day!

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Spam, anyone?

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Exactly what we were looking for...

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