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Has anyone ever heard of B&P Graphics? This font came from one of our sales reps and my boss wants to use it on the uniforms we manufacture. I have been trying to find out where it came from but I don't find B&P Graphics or the name Stafford Extra bold on the MyFonts.com.

It looks similar to Egyptienne and some others so I am a little wary. But it seems to vary in the details (see lc 'x'). But I don't have a copy of Egyptienne to readily compare it with up close. I've attached a .swf so that you can examine the specimen more precisely.

Thanks in advance.

application/x-shockwave-flashStafford Extra Bold
stafford.swf (9.2 k)

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On a roll, Yves? Solstice was a nice ID too! I knew I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't place it.

Sigh, story of my life.

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looks like it.

although the UC 'X' in the agfa/monotype version is different, much wider than the one in your sample.

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I know about the UC 'X', Roger, that's why I wrote "Looks like it" ;) Also, it's nice how the arms are offset in relation to each other. Tom, maybe try Rockwell Extra Bold from other foundries at MyFonts? Sometimes there are crucial details that are quite different between versions.
I did a quick research, and that's the closest I could get without spending too much time on this ID (I'm in the middle of two urgent newsletter redesigns). Stymie Black is also similar, but the lowercase is more off.

Yaknow, Karen, I'm actually desperately trying to get off that friggin' roll. =D No, just kidding, I want to cram in as much fun as possible before I sign off at work (in ten minutes or so), because after that I'm pretty much out of the loop. I'm not sitting at my computer all night too! I can only spend an hour or so with my kids before they're off to bed, and most of that time is spent cooking.

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The only decent Egyptian is is Egyptian 505.


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I have to agree with the round dots on rockwell and stafford. Thanks to all for the id and alternative recommendations. Serifa looks like the best option.


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Tom, If you want to use something like this, I recommend
Frutiger's Serifa. It's much cleaner and more well-proportioned.
And why round dots on Rockwell? Senseless and ugly.

Incidently, Serifa Black looks great at 72 dpi too.
See Coudal Partners.

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BTW, "B&P" stands for "Brendel & Pabst". AKA "Quick Brown
Fox". AKA Brendel Informatik. AKA Type & Workshop.

You can see Stafford at their sorry website in the "SERIALS
typecollection". I think Yves is right, it's their own version
of Rockwell.

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