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Good Morning Everyone,
I am new to this forum and would like to start off by saying hello to everyone and that this place is great! Ok I am currently undertaking a rebranding of the company I work for and want to post the direction I am going in to get some feedback, I have been playing with the design way to much and need some fresh input. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .


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I like version B, but I think you'd have to create a second version for small applications, with the following alterations:

1 Solidify Phoenix (no feather lines) with no stroke (it's causing the shape to lose detail)
2 Enlarge the word "Phoenix" to fill the space that is framed by the horizontal lines
3 Relocate "PRINT & DESIGN" and also "SPI INC" outside of the framed area


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Thanks Scott,
Sounds good, the SPI Inc is really getting on my nerves but they registered the business name that way so it has to be included!

Jason :-)

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The registration mark in the 'O' looks a bit like a crosshair shooting the phoenix, to me. More so on the solid and outline versions.

I prefer version B, as well. I agree that the "SPI, Inc" should be moved outside of the ruled area. I'm not as sure about "Print & Design".

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I don't think "Print & Design" should be moved from the main logo, only on very small applications because it is too small to be read, as is.

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I agree with Chris "don't shoot the Phoenix". I don't love how rigid and compartmentized everything is. Did you investigate letting the Phoenix emerge from the O. That way you could loose the rules and loosen up the design so It can vary to circumstances of use.

An aside: Why are all the logos I'm seeing lately here justified? Is Justifing the lines making it a logo? What I feel is you need to create a corporate or business idenity and make it flexible enough that it works in all your busniness environments. Then make the mark or logo fit the business scheme. It seems lately the opposite is true.

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Our company also has an unwieldy registered name, so we use the 'snappy' name in the logo, and put the full name in the address block of our stationery etc. Would that be an option to solve the 'SPI INC' problem?

I share Daniel's thoughts about the risks of 'designing yourself into a corner'. You need to think about all the possible future applications of your logo and the potential problems of adapting your logo to them.

BTW, I noticed from your profile that you're also a tattoo artist. I read a great thread here about tattoos last year that might interest you, if you haven't already read it. I can't seem to find it, though.

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone I will take another shot at it!

And I will search for that post on tattoos :-)


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Another vote for version B, although the placement of "SPI Inc." is killing me. Maybe move it below the rule

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There was a brief tattoo discussion in October, but it's in the Uppercase section.

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