Help with these multiple faces on book jacket

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Can y'all help with the differant faces on this book jacket called Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy


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Oh God, what a mess!

I think still is a version of Bodoni, LIFE Bank Gothic or something similar, and TAXIDERMY Clarendon Light with a slant applied.

Can’t help with the others, sorry.

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"still" seems like Linotype Didot Headline

and "ADVENTURES" can be Bauer Bodoni

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Didot (H&FJ) & Sackers Gothic & Trade Gothic

Gräfenberg's picture seems a brilliant resource... if the listed fonts can be relied on. Unfortunately not it appears.

H&FJ Didot looks to be right for still, Michel Medium is also very close.

Sackers Gothic doesn’t look correct for LIFE until you figure out it’s Sackers Gothic Heavy specifically and these are the lowercase/small caps, not the caps. So a bit misleading there.

The author’s name though, that’s definitely not Trade Gothic (even the Condensed) with the straight sides on the O and G. Think it might be Alternate Gothic No. 2.

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