Left Italics

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I wonder if anyone can suggest a typeface containing both italics and left-leaning italics?

(I did a quick search but couldn't find anything already posted, incase there's a thread already I'd be grateful to find out where.)


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Michael Twyman at Reading calls them “Contra Italics” and that’s how I’ve always called them ever since I’ve been there.

Roemisch and Venus both have italics and contra italics. I’m sure there’s more. Some of the fat faces by Figgins and other English foundries from the 19th century used to have contra italics as well.

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Map makers used backslanted italics to mark rivers (and water?).

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Depressing how many backslant fonts are (or seem to be) just mechanically slanted obliques (especially non-script style ones): I imagine it would be an interesting exercise to try and work out what the cursive dynamics would be of writing right-way-round letters but from right to left (whereby the natural italic tendency would be backslant)...

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Agreed Dave. There’s also the recent LL Brown’s reclined variants, but they too have a lot of visual issues.

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LL Brown also has some ethical issues, Lineto having pirated a well-established font name.

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