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Hi all,

Background: company is a consultancy that works with rail operators to update,
redevelop and improve rail and bus interchanges in the UK.

I'm currently concepting for a new logo and brand for them. The company in question
(Transport Interchange Consultants) has a rather unwieldy name, and prefers to be
known by it's acronym, TIC, so this has to feature heavily in the design.

I've come up with a few ideas (and variations on them), I'll post them all up, so any
opinions would be gratefully recieved on all ideas. The idea behind the mark was
to echo crossing tracks/roads. Apologies for the numerous files!

[I can't get the image upload to work as the board 'crashes' when I post, so I have
to link, if any mods can fix this and put the images inline I would be most grateful!)


Thanks for your time,


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I personally like 2A best.
As an idea - have you tried to make the radia of the rounds grow from inside out? I think this could make it look more interesting...

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I also favour the 2 series. I prefer the full name underneath as in concept 2 (integrating it too tightly into the logo as it is on the right, may cause problems down the line), but it looks a little delicate, and could be risky in small applications (assuming it will always be required). Maybe tighten back the tracking and increase the size?

I think the balance between the type and the mark needs a good looking at. The mark is being overpowered, even by the lightest type weights.

Andriy's idea might help solve another possible problem - that the mark may be perceived as a 'sparkle'/lens flare, rather than a crossing of routes. Maybe you could give it some 3D skew to give the effect of it laying on the ground. Possibly not even flat - you could suggest a few hills.

By the way, where in Manchester are you? I'm down in Stockport right now.

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Thank you both for your comments. It's interesting (to me anyway) that my concept
2 is getting so much attention here; on another forum I've asked for opinions on (a design
but non-type-specific one), concept 3 received almost universal initial approval! It's also
interesting to note that the ultra black weight scored a total of zero votes, with the
designers preferring lighter, more balanced weights (while I rather liked the ultra

Maybe there's something about type focused people that draws us to different types of
design.... Anyway I digress.

I agree that it would make it interesting, but I fear it would make it look like even
more of a 'starburst' than it already does. If I am to lead with concept 2 then the
symbolism of the mark needs to be emphasised rather than diminished. Nice idea

My only problem with the full name underneath is that the 'consultants' bit gets a
little lost trailing off. The length of the name is a real pain when trying to set it
with such a short acronym! We all love a challenge though eh?

The balance is something that's a serious issue with the 2 series, as the mark is so
light. I love the idea of skewing it and making it look like it's running over terrain,
though to be honest, I wouldn't know where to start. I'm not a '3D' guy!

My personal preference is for the 3d/e designs, though maybe with the name under the
design rather than integrated to the side.


PS I work out of Knutsford but I live in the city centre (I go through Stockport every
morning on the train!)

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Concept 3 has a more memorable logo than 1 and 2. It appears like it is doing more work. I like it because it focuses on a single interchange. Remember, without the first connection the thousands of others would be irrelavant. Plus people will relate that style of mark to transportation due to it's simplicity. It is almost as if you are taking a generic railroad crossing sign and making it more efficient and aggressive in it's appearance. Anyway 3 is my favorite. 1 and 2 are overkill.

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Sorry, 3d and 3e are my favorites

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I like the spacing in 3b, the boldness of 2a looks nice but probably isn't as suited to this context.

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I agreed with Andriy. For me the 2a is my favorite in relation with the activity sector. Also, the black typeface give a nice contrast with the dots.

The concept number 3 could be cause some problem. It is too near of the Paramedic logo.


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Some new logos:


I realise the simplicity of 3 is what you like (I do too); do you think the 'tracks' ruin this simplicity too much? Or do they add further meaning in your opinion? I like them.

I agree with you about 2a with respect to it's suitability for purpose. The spacing and balance of 3b is also my favourite thing about it.


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I like both the 2 series and 3D and 3E.

The 2 series has a lighter, more high-tech feel, but 3D/E say railroad to me immmediately and the mark just has so much more punch. If you're trying to include buses, I'm not sure such a rail-centric design would be good, so the 2's may be your best bet (I prefer 2B). If that isn't a concern, I'd go with 3D or 3E.

3F-H are pretty busy and I don't think they hold together like the earlier versions. 3H creates a nice interchange/weaving path from the 'C' to 'Transport' and 'Consultants', however.

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Think about positive interchange.
The new logos are nice but they aren't as positive as the 3d and 3e in post 1. What if you incorporated a weave in the logo. Almost like fabric. The new posts have lines going in a contradictory direction to the natural grain of the x shape(this makes them less positive in shape). What if the lines were going with the grain and then they would somehow weave themselves together in the center, like fabric. I could draw a small illustrator pic if you would like.

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I've totally changed direction (for the most part), any opinions on the following four logos would be most appreciated.



tic_logos.pdf (21.0 k)

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I really like the last one...the C just needs a tad bit of tweaking to smoothly blend in with the x symbol. The others, while nice, have a problem of looking like 'hic' which to me would evoke drunk engineers. ;o)

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I agreed with Darrel, the last one give the better information. The 3 first reminds me something in relation with health sector (white cross).

I suggest to continue the work with the orange x. More stretch, higher or something.

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Concept 2A, although it looks a bit like Agilent :-) but I also love the last one from the PDF...

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I've also see the 3a-c mark used by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and can easily see that drawn on punk rock kids with a sharpie marker. In that aspect, it's not exclusive enough for a logo. Although, it is the strongest graphic symbol of the group (probably why people have see it used elsewhere).

If you had not given background on the project, I would have never thought of anything having to do with rail operators. The marks presented made me think of bandages, "X marks the spot", celestial bodies, candy canes, striped suspenders, bows, ribbons...

I like the stacking of the name, the orange and the modern type. I think with an even a stronger typeface, you can do without a mark altogether. The spacing of the words and the length of the words almost gives the impression of tracks. Instead of making an separate symbol for the logo, perhaps play with the type/color to create a subtle symbol in itself.

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Darrell / Andr

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Jordan, think of Modrian, off center your shapes, transportation isn't always in a straight line or evenly spaced for buses, cars or trains. My problem with "C" is TIC won't want to be associated with a X of any kind.

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Interesting choice for inspiration Daniel -- I can't say I'd have thought of Modrian for inspiration at all for this project, but now you've said it, it makes perfect sense!

cue much experiementation....



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I see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the 3a-c series. I swear they used a graphic similar to that on the BloodSugarMagic tour.

I read the 2 series as interchange more than this latest version. However, the idea of lines moving toward one another in 3h ... something interesting but the little x--as it stands--needs finessing to read as flow more than stop.

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